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It’s my great pleasure to welcome students who want to join Lalit Chandra Bharali College, Maligaon to build their academic career. This institution of Higher Education, popularly known as L.C.B. College provides different career oriented courses at per recent demands. The College was established on 9th of August 1971 at the initiative and magnanimous support of the people of Greater Maligaon area and the generous financial support of the donor, Shri Lalit Chandra Bharali, after whom the College is named. Indeed, at this opportune moment, I offer my sincere tribute and reverence to the great philanthropist and the visionary without whose vision and generosity, this institution would not have seen the light of the day. The vantage location of the College, i.e. at the eastern part of the N.F. Railway H.Q. and at the foothills of Nilachal Hills, the abode of the Mother goddess, Kamakhya brings in an ambience of peace, serenity and eco-friendly atmosphere which is conducive for overall learning.
On the first day of my joining (1st of February,2022) as Principal of L.C.B. College, I was impressed by its multi-disciplinary nature of courses and multi dimensional activities including extra curricular activities. The uniqueness of the College is its programmes on non-traditional subjects. Presently the College runs two provincialised streams (Arts and Science). In both the streams Honours course is offered in many departments. Honours in Computer Science and Electronics are popular programmes of the College. The beauty and prospects of the College lies in its non-traditional subjects. New infrastructure facilities of the college has strengthened the academic environment of the College.
Apart from two provincialised streams (Arts & Science), the College provides self sustaining courses such as BCA, B.Sc.-IT, and PGDCA. The B.Com. and B.B.A. courses have been discontinued due to technical reason and effort is going to reopen it. Effort is also going on to re-introduce Environmental Science as a subject. NCC and NSS wings of the College are very active through which the student can give service to the society.
In this highly competitive world there will be no option other than to do hard work and go ahead with planning. I do sincerely hope that the students of L. C. B. College will mainly concentrate in their studies with the guidance of a team of dedicated faculty members who have been working since its inception to bring the College to its present position.
Since its inception, strong benchmarks have been laid in different activities in the College – in terms of teaching, learning, research and other corporate activities. Presently many new concepts have been developed for the betterment of the College in general and welfare of the students community in particular.
In the new millennium, the scenario in higher education has undergone unprecedented changes. The present day challenges have been brought out by globalisation, privatisation and liberalization on one hand and our exorbitantly high expectations on the other. Further, in order to cope with the logistical challenge in its transition from annual system to semester system, we as stakeholders must prepare ourselves to work with more devotion and challenge. L.C.B. College was earlier inducted in the list of accredited institutions by NAAC and was awarded B Grade. Now, it is our earnest endeavour to assess our College by NAAC for its second cycle recently.
I do hope that L.C.B. College, our Alma Mater will march ahead in the days to come bringing laurels. We must move with the pace of changing and challenging times. An educational institution should not be judged solely by its academic credentials but also by its contribution and impact on the society at large. It is our vision that L.C.B. College shall be at par in academic excellence and intellectual pursuits not only in the state, but also in the entire N.E. Region. The flag of L.C.B. College and its motto will certainly soar high in the days to come, with the best wishes to all the newcomers.
Once again, I wish all the stakeholders a bright and prosperous future.
Thanking You
Dr. Amarendra Kalita
Principal, L.C.B. College

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