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Maligaon, Guwahati, Assam 781011
Prospectus 2024-25

Infrastructure & Learning Resources

Audit Report 2022-23

Highlighted Library Audit report 2022-23

4.2.2 NLIST Receipt Geo tagged photos of ICT Enabled classroom

4.1.2supporting Documents of programmes organized

4.2.2 and LCBC Audit report-2021-22

NLIST Receipt 2021-22

Geo Tagged Photos ICT Enabled Classrooms 2021-22

Master Time Table for 2021-22

4.2.2 Internal audit report AQAR 2020-21

Geo Tagged Photo of classroom and seminar Hall

Geo tagged photographs of ICT enabled Classrooms

4.2.1 Brief about the Library

Highlighted Audit report 2018-19

Highlighted Audit report 2017-18

Highlighted Audit report 2020-21

Highlighted Audit report 2019-20

Highlighted Audit Report 2016-17

Classroom declaration

Highlighted Audit Report-LCB College

NLIST payment record 2018-19

NLIST membership details-LCB College

Generator-Online UPS photographs

Generator and online UPS details-LCBC

Photograph of various programmes

IT related vouchers and license

Library users Attendance Record 2020-21 (115 days)

NLIST receipt 2020

4.1.3 Class routine

4.2.1 Additional information

ICT enabled classroom etc.

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