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(A Society Registered under Society Registration Act XXI of 1860)
Registration No: RS/KAM(M)/263/Z/526 OF 2021-2022

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Lalit Chandra Bharali College has produced a long list of alumni who are spread all over the globe. Lalit Chandra Bharali College Alumni Association was established to maintain a lifelong interconnection between the college and the alumni. Registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860, the association has worked to serve the alumni and the alma mater.

Sl No. Name Course Year of Passing Email Current Designation View Image
2Nayan Jyoti DasGraduate2008nayanjyotidas09@gmail.comSub Inspector of Police
3NIRANKAR RAYGraduate2017nirankarray1999@gmail.comScholar Trainee
4Mrinmoy SarmaGraduate2018mrinmoy20sarma@gmail.comStudent
5Trishna NATHPost GraduateTrishnatrishnanath98@gmail.comStudent
6Pabanjyoti KalitaGraduate2012pabanjyoti@gmail.comVideo Conferencing technician
7IRFAN M. HASSANGraduate2004irfs.bnm@gmail.comCo-owner
8Nyado DokeGraduate2013Nyado.007@rediffmail.comT. A (Technical Assistant )
9Arnav TimsinaGraduate2015arnie32t@gmail.comIndia
10Abhilash GoswamiGraduate2015ag_12255@rediffmail.comUnemployed
11Jyotirmoy Bharali Graduate2018jyotirmoybharali105@gmail.comStudent
12Dhrubajyoti MedhiGraduate2020dhrubadhan34@gmail.comLab Assistant
13Imtyaj AnsariGraduate2007imtiajansari@gmail.comSr Manager
14Anjan Kumar Talukdar Graduate2006anjan.nov@gmail.comAssistant Professor
15Ainul Matin Choudhury
16Ainul Matin ChoudhuryGraduate2007ainulchoudhury@gmail.comAsst. Professor
17Mousmita SarmaGraduate2008mousmita@govivace.comSpeech Research Engineer
18Pratim SarmaGraduate2020pratimsarma9@gmail.comIndia
19Pranami SarmaGraduate2016pranamisarmabarbie@gmail.comStudent
20SAILEN KALITAGraduate2019sailenkalita95@gmail.comStudent
21Hitesh rongpiGraduate2019hitsonic108@gmail.comStudent
22SANGEET DAS BOROGraduate2001sangeetdb@gmail.comPROPOSAL COORDINATOR
24Pranab Kumar DasGraduate1999pranabkr2017@gmail.comOperation Director
25Babita swargiaryGraduate2018babitaswargiary2020@gmail.comStudent
26RESHMA AHMED Graduate2019reshmaahmed42@gmail.comRESHMA AHMED
27Aditee Goswami Graduate1999aditee05@yahoo.comCanada
28Mohan DasGraduate2019mohandas9942@gmail.comMa Philosophy 1st Sem
29Rahul DasGraduate2016rahuldas21feb@gmail.comGuest Faculty
30Bireswar BanikGraduate2013bireswarbanik02@gmail.comAssistant Professor cont
31Mohan DasPost
32Sobina begum2021sobinabegum15@gmail.comStudent
33DIBAKAR PAULH.S.2021dibakarpaul469@gmail.comStudent
34Doli KalitaGraduate2016dolikalita0631@gmail.comCounselor
35Arundhati BoraGraduate2020arundhati030@gmail.comStudent
36Laxmi ChetriGraduate2011chetri.laxmi88@gmail.comProject Coordinator
37Reshma khatunGraduate2020reshmakhatun1450@gmail.comStudent P. G
38Lakshi BarmanGraduate2020barmanlakshi0097@gmail.comBA
39Md Nur AlomGraduate2020trynuralom@gmail.comPersuing M.Sc.
40Kaustav DekaGraduate2020kaustavdeka888@gmail.comStudent
41PRAJNAN BARMANGraduate2019alcoholicpragyan@gmail.comSelf employed
42Trideep DasGraduate2019trideepdas144@gmail.comSelf employed
43Jayasri KakatiGraduate2019jayasrikakati@gmail.comStudent
44Rahul SutradharGraduate2019rswtf1997@gmail.comStudent
45Abhijeet chakravartyPost Graduate2020abhijitchakroborty160@gmail.comStudent
46Rahul DEY2019dast517@gmail.comAmtron Supervisor
47Nisanta Kousik SarmahGraduate2019nisantakousiksarmah123@gmail.comStudent
48Jaya JaiswalGraduate2018jayajaiswal212@gmail.comAssociate Technical Engineer
49Dhrubajyoti BuragohainGraduate2017dhrubajyotibrghn@gmail.comSelf employed
50Dipannita kalitaGraduate2016dipannitakalita11@gmail.ComTeacher
51kangkan Jyoti Nath2016kangkan.cs@gmail.comAsst prof.
52Jyotish TalukdarGraduate1999talukdarjyotish@gmail.comTechnical Manager
53Ranjan K Baruah Graduate2002bkranjan@gmail.comSocial Entrepreneur
54Transit BordoloiGraduate2020transitb1997@gmail.comUnemployed
55Nipa DasGraduate2017dasnipa72@gmail.comSoftware Developer
56SAURAV DEKAGraduate2021sauravdeka0@gmail.comSTUDENT
57Himangshi SarmaGraduate2020himangshisarma16@gmail.comAlumni
58RUPAMJYOTI BORAHGraduate2012rupamjyotiborah@gmail.comSENIOR DEVELOPER
59Rimjhim BaruahPost Graduate2018rimjhimbaruah12@gmail.comSupervisor
60Saurav KarmakarGraduate2015saurav.pvm@gmail.comStudent
61Nabanita Das Graduate2019nabanitadas1039@gmail.comStudent
62DIPTI DEVIGraduate2004diptidevi1234@gmail.comARS
63Dipika kalitaGraduate2016deepikakalita573@gmail.comOffice clerk
64Sanjib kalitaGraduate2021ksanjib914@gmail.comStudent
65Rajashree LahkarGraduate2017rajashreelahkar59@gmail.comAfter postgraduation I am preparing for government job and also working as a teacher in a school ..
66BHUPEN DASGraduate2021thebhupen08@gmail.comSTUDENT
67Jumi DasGraduate2018jumidas729@gmail.comSchool Teacher
68Bhanita BoroGraduate2017bhanitaboro067@gmail.comLecturer
69Madhurjoyee ChakraborttyGraduate2018madhurjoyee123@gmail.comStudent
70Taslima NazninGraduate2019taslimanaznin14@gmail.comStudent
71RAHUL SUNARGraduaterahul@@rahulsunar46@gmail.comEmployee
72Dwijapriya SarmaGraduate2020dwija.shan@gmail.comGuwahati
73Suppani manpoongGraduate2015sumanpoong@gmail.comTGT maths
74Priyanka kalitaGraduate2017priyanka.kalita321@gmail.comStudent
75Taibur RahmanGraduate2014taiburat8@gmail.comPhD Research Scholar
76HIMANKA CHAUDHURYGraduate2018himanka.chaudhury.001@gmail.comStudent
77Bhaskar Jyoti SarmaGraduate2020bhaskarjyotisarma464@gmail.comNil
78Sumit MahatoGraduate2020sumit1230066@gmail.comStudent
79Akansha BhuyanGraduate2017abx@gmail.comWorking as assistant manager in kotak mahindra finance
80Deepjyoti LahkarGraduate2015deeplahkar2@gmail.comNot Applicable
81Anuran SarmaGraduate2003anuran99@gmail.comBranch Manager
82Bikram YadavPost Graduate2021bikramyadav076@gmail.comIndia
83Abhijit BaruahGraduate2020baruahabhijit1998@gmail.comMCA student
84Abhijit Bharadwaj Graduate2016abheee999@gmail.comSupport Engineer
85Sebaji BardhanGraduate2017bardhansebaji@gmail.comJunior Developer
86Himadri Professor
87Kamalesh Sekhar BharadwajGraduate2020kamalesh.sekharbharadwaj@gmail.comMCA Student
89MANISH MUNNA PANDITGraduate2017manish.munna21@gmail.comMIS Executive
90Pampi TalukderGraduate2014pampitalukdar70@gmail.comStudying B.EDNo File
91Manish Graduate2012manish@gmail.comTesterNo File
92Dimpi BharaliGraduate2015dmpbharali@gmail.comStudentNo File
93Rupjyoti Barman Graduate2016Rupjyotibarman40@gmail.comStudent No File
94Akshay Kumar Bollywood actorNo File
95Trinankur dev Bollywood actorNo File
96Diganta HaloiGraduate2012haloidiganatahaloi@gmail.comServiceNo File
97Debashis GoswamiGraduate2015debashisgoswami4@gmail.comStudentNo File
98Kumaresh SarmahGraduate2001kumaresh4you8@gmail.comAssistant Professor No File
99JAYASHRI KUMARIGraduate2013jayashrikumari1926@gmail.comPreparing for examsNo File
100HIRAKJYOTI BARMANGraduate2011hirakbarman97@gmail.comStudentNo File
101DIPANKAR KALITAGraduate2011dipankarkalita76@gmail.comSERVICENo File
102Leena Talukdar Graduate2012leenatalukdar98@gmail.comAdvocate No File
103Khairul HussainGraduate1995Khairul.hussain55@gmail.comGovt, ServiceNo File
104Enisha sarmaGraduate2015enishasarma@gmail.comStudentNo File
105Mrinal RoyGraduate2019roymrinal38@gmail.comServiceNo File
106Tahera BegumGraduate2011taherabegum765@gmail.comResearch ScholarNo File
107RAHUL BAISHYAGraduate2014baishyarahul94@gmail.comNANo File
108Rajdeep jobNo File
109Dina mani HaloiH.S.2019ppapu228@gmail.comStudentNo File
110Gyandeep NathH.S.2019Gyandeepnath485@gmail.comEX-ARMYNo File
111Gitanjali kalitaGraduate2015gitanjalikalita023@gmail.comNoneNo File
112Jiaul HaqueGraduate2016jiaulh138@gmail.comOthersNo File
113Kaberi BaruahGraduate2018Baruahshinkky@gmail.comHouse wifeNo File
114Dwijapriya SarmaGraduate2017dwija.shan@gmail.comStudentNo File
115Nabajyoti DewriGraduate2014nabajyotidewri91@gmail.comPrivate JobNo File
116Mamta BoraGraduate2013mamtabora870@gmail.comStudentNo File
117Bidikha kakatiGraduate2013Bidikhakakati@gmail.comSelf employed No File
118Arijit BaruahGraduate2017findarijitbaruah@gmail.comStudentNo File
119Madhurjoyee ChakraborttyGraduate2015madhurjoyee123@gmail.comGuest lecturer No File
120Mamlee dasGraduate2019dasmamlee@gmail.comStudentNo File
121Zeba BegumGraduate2013zebabegum2016@gmail.comTeacherNo File
122MORAMI BISWASGraduate2013biswasmoromi@gmail.comAssistant accountantNo File
123Bishal SharmaGraduate2012bishalsharma.krisham@gmail.comBajaj Finance LimitedNo File
124Souri Das Graduate2011Souridas3@gmail.comN. F. Railway No File
125Bhabajyoti KalitaGraduate2017bhabajyotikalita66@gmail.comStudentNo File
126Masud Alam RofiGraduate2015masud.alam.rofi@gmail.comStudentNo File
127ARSHIK ALAM Graduate2017alamarshik123@gmail.comBUSINESSMAN No File
128Jatin boraGraduate1983Jatinbora. ComAssamese actorNo File
129Soniya Chettri Pre-primary teacher No File
130Sabrina yasminGraduate2015Yasminsabrina43NoneNo File
131Yasmin Akhtara Graduate2012yasminakhtara5@gmail.comstudentNo File
132Banani BaruahGraduate2011bananibaruah17@gmail.comSelf employedNo File
133Deepjyoti ChetiaGraduate2016deepjchetia007@gmail.comStudentNo File
134Manab jyoti kalitaGraduate2012jyotikalita.manab@gmail.comBusinessNo File
135Kishore Kumar SharmaGraduate2016kishoresharma914@gmail.comJunior Web Developer No File
136Ridip RayGraduate2012ridip95@gmail.comPrivate ServiceNo File
137Nabanita DasGraduate2016nabanitadas1039@gmail.comStudentNo File
138Namrata SharmaGraduate2013nehanssharma53@gmail.comUnemployedNo File
139KRISHNA DASGraduate2014Krishna.yvkghy@gmail.comEmployNo File
140Anuprabha NathGraduate2016anunath2k@gmail.comStudentNo File
141Rima KalitaGraduate2011rima91kalita@gmail.comAdvocateNo File
142Madhusmita DasGraduate2016madhusmitadas817@gmail.comStudentNo File
143Prashanta ServiceNo File
144Surajit DasGraduate2010surajit.das342@gmail.comIT AnalystNo File
145Jumi NilNo File
146SIKHAMONI NATHGraduate2014sikhanath770@gmail.comUnemployed No File
147SISIR BAISHYAGraduate2011baishya10@gmail.comOperator at GUIUMSNo File
148Tanmi HazarikaGraduate2013thazarika.yfs@gmail.comDivisional CoordinatorNo File
149Giriraj GautamGraduate2013girirajgautam01@gmail.comStudent No File
150Rahul RabhaGraduate2015rabharahul12@gmail.comBusiness No File
151Ankit Sharma Graduate2014ankitassam98@gmail.comMedical representative No File
152Barasha dasGraduate2015barashadas138@gmail.comNoneNo File
153Binipriya DeviGraduate2013binipriya.d11@gmail.comTeacherNo File
154MORAMI BISWASGraduate2013biswasmoromi@gmail.comAssistant accountantNo File
155Pranjit KalitaGraduate2017pranjit991@gmail.comStudentNo File
156Gautam BinGraduate2012gautambin10@gmail.comServiceNo File
157Himasri dasGraduate2015himasridas1628@gmail.comNoneNo File
158Himakshi SarmaGraduate2013himakshihssarma@gmail.comTeacherNo File
159Anusuya dasGraduate2012rickydas2017@gmail.comPersuing B.EdNo File
160DULUMONI DASGraduate2014duludas344@gmail.comGuest faculty at LCB CollegeNo File
161Manish Kumar MishraGraduate2001manishinhr@gmail.comManager People AnalyticsNo File
162Mridupawan TalukdarGraduate2015mridupawant@gmail.comStudentNo File
163Nabanita DasGraduate2016nabanitadas1039@gmail.comStudentNo File
164Suraj BiswakarmaGraduate2012surajbk22@gmail.comServiceNo File
165Dipankar SarmaGraduate2011dipankarsarma903@gmail.comTeacherNo File
166Chanda NewarGraduate2017cnewar3@gmail.comStudentNo File
167Siddhart BanerjeeGraduate2014siddhartbanerjee48@gmail.comSales & MarketingNo File
168Manash Jyoti DasGraduate2011manash10303@gmail.comTeacherNo File
169Pabitra Sundar KashyapGraduate2011pabitrakashyap@gmail.comPrivateNo File

The mission of the association is to maintain strong bonds among the college, the students, and the alumni and to create a platform to keep the alumni engaged with their alma mater to shape the future development of both.

TN Tower, 114, Assam Trunk Rd, Maligaon Gate No.4, East Gota Nagar, Maligaon, Guwahati, Assam - 781011



2. ADRESS OF THE MAIN OFFICE OF THIS SOCIETY: - The head office of the Society will be situated at:
TN Tower, 114, Assam Trunk Rd, Maligaon Gate No.4, East Gota Nagar, Maligaon, Guwahati, Assam – 781011.
The society may have branch office at any other place within its jurisdictional area.

3. AREA OF OPERATION: - The Society will have its operation in all the districts of Assam.

4. AIMS & OBJECTIVE OF THE SOCIETY: The objects of the Society is different as given below: -
4.1 To encourage the Alumni to take active interest in the progress and development of the Alma Mater (LCB College).
4.2 To promote close relations and foster mutually beneficial interactions between the college and its alumni.
4.3. To arrange symposiums, workshops, conferences and invited talks by eminent persons from various disciplines to uplift the knowledge of the current students.
4.4 To provide career counseling in various streams for those who are pursuing their study at the college.
4.5 To undertake activities of nation building including those of charitable nature.
4.6 To pursue other objectives consistent with the above aims and objectives of the association.

5.1 All Alumni of LCB College, who have obtained any degree from the college are eligible for membership of the Association.
5.2 He/She can become a Life member of the Association from the date of issue of the Result Notification granting the said degree on payment of the appropriate membership fees as described in Clause 4.4
5.3 Any ex-student, member of the staff or ex-member of the staff of the college who does not fulfil the above condition as in 4.1 but who, on the recommendation of the Executive Committee, is admitted by the Association on payment of the appropriate membership fees as prescribed in Clause 4.4. (I think this clause might be omitted as we already have a section on Honorary Membership)
5.4 The membership fee in respect of all the members defined in Clause 5.2and 5.4would be decided by mutual discussions between the College and the Association from time to time. The mode of collection of the membership fees would be decided from time to time in mutual discussions between the College and the Association.

5.1 The Executive Committee may cease any individual’s status as a member if he/she dies, resigns, becomes of unsound mind, or is convicted of a criminal offence involving moral turpitude.
5.2 The Executive Committee shall have the power to expel a member for wilful disregard to the Association's rules or misconduct on the part of the member, provided that the member concerned will be given an opportunity for explaining his/her conduct.
5.3Any member thus expelled can appeal to the Executive Committee and to the president for reconsideration of expulsion with justification.
5.4 A resignation from membership shall be tendered to the President and it shall not take effect until it has been accepted on behalf of the Association by the Executive Committee.

5.1 The rates of subscription for life membership at the time of application shall be as follows:
i. Rs. 1000.00 for Alumni living in India
ii. Rs. 500.00 for passing out students
iii. USD 60 for NRI Alumni

The Association, in the General Body on the recommendation of the Executive Committee, may elect any person connected with the College, who is likely to promote the interests of the Association, as an Honorary Member.

5.1 Members are eligible to use the services of the Association’s office, receive publications of the Association, exercise their vote in General Body Meetings, register on the Association’s website, attend alumni meetings and events, receive annual reports, and participate in the Association’s activities.
5.2 Members can avail of services and initiatives offered from time to time by the College and Association to the alumni, which may include use of facilities at the College or elsewhere. For availing the benefits, the member must have the Alumnus ID card issued by the Association with him/her, given at the time of registration.
5.3Members are expected to conduct themselves in line with the rules and regulations of the Association while representing Lalit Chandra Bharali College Alumni Association and participating in the Association’s activities.

For non-budgeted items, the financial powers of the secretary shall be limited to Rs.15, 000.00 subject to the approval of President/Chairman.

A bank account will be opened in the name of the society in a Nationalized Bank or Post office, which shall be operated jointly by President and Secretary of the Society. The Finance Secretary will maintain the account of the cash and receipt expenditure and enter all receipts and expenditure into the Cash Book and obtain signature of the Secretary into Cash Book on daily transaction. The Cash Book shall have to be presented to the executive meeting in each sitting, or an up to date statement of expenditure in lieu of the same.

The profits generated by activities of the society are to be utilized solely for achieving the objects of the society.

6.1 General Body: There shall be a General Body of the Association consisting of all members.
6.2 Executive Body: There shall be an Executive Committee to manage the affairs of the Association. The executive body will comprise of the following posts---
President 1
Vice Presidents 1
General Secretary 1
Asst. General Secretaries 2
Treasurer 1
Executive Secretary 1
Members 4

7.1 President: The President shall preside over Executive Committee and General Body meetings. He or She shall have all the powers for the management and promotion of the objectives of the Association.
7.2 Vice President: The Vice President shall act as the President, in the absence of the President. He/She shall render advice to the Executive Committee with regard to promotion of the objectives of the Association.
7.3 Secretary:
7.3.1 Any two from amongst the President, Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer shall operate the funds of the Association subject to general approval of the Executive Committee.
7.3.2 The Secretary shall be responsible for the maintenance of the records of the Association.
7.3.3 The Secretary shall attend to all the activities as approved by the Executive Committee.
7.3.4 The Secretary shall be responsible for carrying out all correspondence and preparation and distribution of all publications and souvenirs of the Association.
7.3.5 After holding Annual General Body Meeting, the Secretary shall file the following information with the Registrar of societies:
i. List of names addresses and occupation of the members of the Executive Committee
ii. An annual report of the previous year
iii. Certified copies of the balance sheet and the auditor’s report.
7.4 Treasurer: The treasurer shall keep the books of accounts of the Association. He/she will collect all dues and claims on behalf of the Association and assist the President and Secretary in ensuring that budgetary grants are correctly utilized. In addition, he/she will liaise with the bankers and the Auditors of the Association.

The term of the Executive Committee will be 3 (three) years, subject to increase or decrease in due course if felt required.

9.1 Vice President, Treasurer and members of the Executive Committee shall be elected in the Annual General Body Meeting or by means of an online election through simple majority of votes.
9.2 A notice of the General Body Meeting may be served on any member either personally or by sending it through ordinary post, or through newspaper advertisement or through electronic mode.
9.3 It shall be the duty of a member to keep the Association informed about his/her current address so that proceedings of the Association activities and meeting notice could be sent to him/her.

If necessary, Re-election will be held according to the election procedure.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall l be convened by the Convener, as directed by the Executive Committee, once every year after the 1st day of April but prior to the 1st June, and he/she shall make all necessary preparations regarding the venue, transportation, sitting arrangement, refreshments, entertainment, etc. for the General Members attending the AGM; provided that no AGM shall be convened without informing each and every General Member, who is eligible to vote.
11.1. In the Annual General Meeting the President or the Secretary as decided by the Executive Committee, shall present:
11.2. A Statement of accounts showing profit or loss during the year ending on the 31st of March immediately proceedings the day the AGM is held;
(a) An Annual Budget for the year starting on the 1st day of April immediately preceding the day the AGM is held;
(i) The Roll of Members;
(ii) The Minutes Register;
(iii) The Resolution Book;
(iv) Any publications that have been printed and/or published by the Society during the year;
(b) The President, or in his absence the any other executive member, shall preside over the Annual General Meeting.
(c) Persons of eminence, ability, knowledge, experience, or benevolence, even if they be outsiders and not General Members of the society, may be invited to attend the Annual General Meeting purely as observers and/or advisers, subject to the prior approval of the Executive Committee.
(d) The Annual General Meeting shall elect a new Executive Committee every 3(three) years, according to the rules of election of the Executive Committee.

The presence in person or by representative of 15 members of the Association shall constitute a quorum for purposes of all meetings of the Council.

Any member who goes against the rules and regulation of the organization may be expelled from the organization.

14.1 The Association shall raise funds for pursuing the objectives of the Association through:
a) Subscriptions from the members - The rate of subscription shall be governed by the Bye-Laws of the Association. The membership fee from the passing out students will be collected by the Institute.
b) Money donated by the members.
c) Any other source approved by the Executive Committee.
14.2 The accounts of the Association shall be maintained in any scheduled Bank at Guwahati into which all subscriptions, donations and other income shall be credited.
14.3 Financial year of the Association shall be from April 1st to March 31st of the following year.
14.4 The funds of the Association may be invested in Reputed Mutual Funds and other financial instruments currently in vogue, Government Securities, Bonds and Debentures of reputed public companies, Schemes of Unit Trust of India and Banks.
14.5 The services of a reputed investment advisor may be engaged for this purpose on suitable terms.
14.6 Withdrawals from the invested funds shall be made only with the approval of the Executive Committee to be ratified by the General Body later on.

15. Audit of Accounts
The accounts of the Association shall be audited once a year by a Chartered Accountant or an equivalent Institute representative, to be appointed by the Executive Body.

16. Records of the Association
16.1 The following records shall be maintained by the Association:
i. Electronic Database of all the members along with their contact details.
ii. Minutes of the Executive Committee Meetings.
iii. Minutes of the General Body Meetings.
iv. Stock Register of non-consumable and consumable items.
v. Cash Book and Ledger.
vi. Receipts and vouchers.
vii. All publications, reports and souvenirs of the Association.
viii. All documents as required by law under Societies Regulation Act 1860.
ix. Any other relevant record.
16.2 These records shall include details of all sums of money received and the sources thereof, and all the sums of money spent and the purpose.
16.3 Every member of the General Body shall have the right of inspection of records of the Association during the office hours.
16.4 The weeding out of the archival records will be done in accordance with the rules of the Institute.

According to the provision laid down in the section 6 of the societies Registration Act-XXI of 1980, the Society may sue or may be sued in the name of the President and Secretary of the Society.

The Deed of Memorandum of Association or the Society is irrevocable.

The Society if required will invest in the modes as specified under sub section 5 of section 11 of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

The objects and activities of the Society is not for any particular caste, creed, community or religion.

Any amendments and/or alteration to the rules without changing the basic structure of the society for which it is established will be intimated in due time to the Registrar of Society, Guwahati, Assam and the jurisdictional the Commissioner of Income Tax.

Under any circumstances, even by a vote of absolute majority, the Executive Committeee or members as a whole will not have the right to alter or change the points as a mentioned under the head disbursement of profits, etc, dissolution and intimation to amendments at any given point of time. The rules made thereof are final and always binding on the members of the society.

The winding up of the Association shall be carried out as per section 13 & 14 of the societies Regulation Act 21 of 1860.

Sl. No. Name Designation Present Occupation Department Contact Year of Passing Image
1 Dr. Anjan Kumar Talukdar President Assistant Professor,Department of ECE,Gauhati University, Jalukbari, Guwahati-781014. Electronics Contact no. 9401143294
Email id:
2 Mrs. Nandita Kalita Vice President Research scholar,Gauhati University, Jalukbari Guwahati-781014. Computer Science 2009
3 Dr. Himadri Barman Secretary Assistant professor,Center for management studies,Dibrugarh University, Dibrugarh-786004, Assam, India. Mathematics 1999
4 Mr. Manas Pratim Das Treasurer Bussiness B.A. 2007
5 Mr. Manash Pratim Sarma Assistant Secretary Assistant Professor,Department of ECE,Gauhati University, Jalukbari, Guwahati-781014. Electronics 2006
6 Dr. (Mrs.) Hemashree Bordoloi Assistant Secretary Assistant Professor,Department of ECE,Gauhati Azara, Guwahati-781017. Electronics 2007
7 Mr. Bharat Ch. Misra Office Secretary Head Assistant (Retired), Lalit Chandra Bharali College, Maligaon, Guwahati-781011. Education 1993
8 Dr. Kumaresh Sarmah Member Assistant Professor,Department of ECT,Gauhati University, Jalukbari, Guwahati-781014. Electronics 2004
9 Mr. Dipjyoti Sarma Member Assistant Professor,Department of ECE,Gauhati Azara, Guwahati-781017. Electronics Dipjyoti.sarma@ 2007
10 Dr. Fakhar Uddin Ahmed Member Assistant Professor,Department of Computer Science, Lalit Chandra Bharali College, Maligaon, Guwahati-781011.

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The alumni association of Lalit Chandra Bharali College is dedicated to serve for the alumni and the Alma matter through various activities such holding workshops, health camps, lecture series, connecting alumni etc. Your donation towards the association will allow us to conduct more such activities in future.

The account detail for donation is given below:
Account details
Bank name State Bank of India
Branch name Kalipur Bhutnath, Guwahati
Account number 41194044257
IFSC SBIN0009912
MICR 781002021
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