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  1. Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

    The Cell acts as a quality check and monitoring mechanism covering all spheres of teaching-learning process throughout the academic session.

    Coordinator:Dr. (Mrs.) Diba Borooah (Ph. 9864104829)

  2. Academic Committee

    The Committee oversee the academic affairs of the College and make recommendations to the Authority about academic programmes and strategies.

    Coordinator:Dr. (Mrs.) Anita Bhagabati (Ph.9435019976)

  3. Planning and Development Committee

    The Committee plans for overall development of the College.

    Coordinator:Dr.Surjya Sen Deb (Ph. 7002633464)

  4. Admission Committee

    The Committee oversees the entire procedure of admission of students across different disciplines in the college

    Coordinator (Arts Stream): Dr. (Mrs.) Mamoni Sarma (Ph.9435344953)
    Coordinator (Science Stream): Dr. Pranjal Sarma (Ph. 9613679777)
    Coordinator (Self Finance Courses-BCA, BSc-IT & PGDCA): Mr. Prity Prakash Deva Sarma (Ph.9954127302)

  5. Grievance Redressal Cell

    The Cell looks into various grievances and matters of indiscipline related to students and staff of the college.

    Coordinator: Dr. Sangita Sharma Baruah (Ph. 9864047731)

  6. Students’ Disciplinary Committee

    The Committee looks into any issue of unruly behavior, discourtesy or violation of the rules and regulations of the college.

    Coordinator:Dr. (Mrs.) Rijusmita Sarma (Ph.9864022213)

  7. Internal Committee

    An internal committee(IC) has been constituted as per UGC Regulation 2015 for prevention,prohibition and Redressal of sexual harassment of women employees and studnets in the institution.

    Presiding Officer:Dr. Kunjalata Brahma Bathari (Ph.9435306734)

  8. Committee Against Sexual Harassment (CASH)

    The Committee tries to sensitize students and employees, to ensure gender equality and gender justice through workshops, seminars and orientation programmes. It also takes necessary steps on complaints pertaining to sexual harassment.

    Coordinator:Dr. Gitanjali Devi (Ph. 9706040270)

  9. Anti Ragging Committee

    The Cell acts as a vigilante against the occurrences of ragging and appropriate action is taken to curtail such activities.

    Coordinator:Ms. Hirabala Das (Ph. 9864070892)

  10. Career Guidance and Placement Cell

    This Cell provides information and guidance towards career advancement and placement avenues for students through different workshops, training programmes, group discussions, skill development modules etc.

    Coordinator:Mrs. Shilpi Singh (Ph. 9954019582)

  11. Women’s Cell

    The Cell strives to create a gender sensitive environment by organizing lectures, counseling programmes, workshops, etc for girl students, women employees and women from the neighbourhood.

    Coordinator:Mrs. Kunjalata Brahma Bathari (Ph. 9435306734)

  12. Dress Code and Uniform Committee

    The Committee looks after the maintenance of dress code among students in the college campus.

    Coordinator:Dr. Rijusmita Sarma (Ph. 9864022213)

  13. Remedial Coaching Committee

    The Committee looks into the provision of remedial classes for degree students belonging to SC/ ST/ OBC (non-creamy layer)/ minorities/ economically deprived/ physically challenged category, using UGC assistance in the college.

    Coordinator: Mr. Chandra Mohan Kalita (Ph. 9613292471)

  14. Hostel Committee

    The Committee supervises the functioning of the hostel to ensure a conducive atmosphere for the boarders.

    Coordinator:Dr.(Mrs.) Manisha Phukan (Ph. 9864204693)

  15. Library Committee

    The Committee is taking care of better management and better services for library users by providing suggestions, advice and also taking decisions in the meetings for quality enhancement.

    Ex-Officio-Secretary:Dr. Bibhuti Choudhury (Ph.8876330879)

  16. Extension Education and Community Welfare Cell

    The Committee initiates various activities by holding lectures, seminars, workshops, awareness programmes, etc. inside and outside the college campus.

    Coordinator:Dr.(Mrs.) Rijusmita Sarma (Ph. 9864022213)

  17. Annual Report Preparation Committee

    The committee ensures preparation of the Annual Report of the college published annually

    Coordinator: Dr. (Mrs.) Nilima Goswami Sarma (Ph. 9435143548)

  18. Research Committee

    The committee plays a significant role for the academic up-gradation of the faculty members and also other employees of the college by reviewing research proposals. It holds different lectures, workshops, seminars and discourses on varied issues for the benefit of college fraternity.

    Coordinator:: Dr. (Mrs.) Anita Bhagabati (Ph. 9435019976)

  19. Disaster Management Cell

    The Cell works for awareness among the students, employees and community members to mitigate disasters through disaster management plans.

    Coordinator: Dr. Ratneswar Mili (Ph. 9854212935)

  20. Games and Sports Committee

    The committee looks into various activities related to Games and Sports for the greater interest of the student community.

    Coordinator:Dr. Pranjal Sarma (Ph. 9613679777)

  21. Prospectus and Website Committee

    The major activity of the committee is to ensure the preparation of an up-to-date prospectus on an annual basis. This committee is also responsible for uploading and maintenance of the college website.

    Coordinator:Dr. Bibhuti Choudhury (Ph.8876330879)

  22. Canteen Committee

    The committee is responsible for quality maintenance and hygienic upkeep of the college canteen. It also ensures the availability of nutritious food items at a nominal cost.

    Coordinator:Coordinator: Dr. Basistha Ram Bhuyan (Ph.9435114657)

  23. Health Club

    The Health Club looks into various health related issues and also conducts varied lectures and awareness programmes. A Health Center equipped with basic instruments is managed by the Club with the help of a Doctor.

    Coordinator:Mr. Dibakar Das (Ph. 9864213125)

  24. Mentoring and counselling Committee

    The committee is responsible for mentoring and counselling the students from time to time.

    Coordinator:Mrs. Shibani Dey (Ph. 9864121225)

  25. Committee for Village Adoption

    The committee is responsible for looking into the overall well-being of the village through promotion of cleanliness, adult education and co-curricular activities.

    Coordinator:Ms. Hirabala Das (Ph.9864070892)

  26. CBCS

    The committee is looking after all the matters relating to the CBCS course.

    Coordinator:Dr. (Mrs) Mitamoni Sarma (Ph.9864041335)

  27. RTI CELL

    The RTI cell has been constituted to deal with the matters related to RTI.

    Public Information Officer:Dr. Bibhuti Choudhury (Ph.8876330879)

  28. Internal Academic Audit Committee

    The committee is constituted for over all internal academic audit of the College.

    Coordinator:Dr Basistha Ram Bhuyan (Ph.9435114657)

  29. Green Audit Committee

    The committee has been constituted to monitor the proper conservation and plantation,waste management, etc in the campus.

    Coordinator:Mrs Sangita Sharma Baruah (Ph.9864047731)